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Greensboro Bar Association

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Incorporated in 1929, the Greensboro Bar Association (GBA) was established to foster a collegial spirit among its members, to further the administration of justice, and to encourage the professional development of its members. Additionally, the GBA regularly gives back to the local community. An important way that the Greensboro Bar Association demonstrates its support for Greensboro is by participating in community service projects such as a book drive and Habitat for Humanity building projects.

The GBA is constantly providing various forms of aid to its members. Lawyers that are members of the Greensboro Bar Association are able to connect and network with others working in the same legal practice area through the five different law practice sections of the GBA. The Greensboro Bar Association educates its members on different ways to effectively run their practices with its Law Practice Colloquium Series.

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Greensboro, NC 27402

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