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North Carolina State Bar

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Established in 1933, the North Carolina State Bar (NC State Bar) is the mandatory bar association of North Carolina. Therefore, all attorneys that practice law in the state must become members of the NC State Bar once they are licensed. As membership is mandatory for all lawyers, membership is also restricted only to those that are licensed to practice law in North Carolina.

There are a number of ways that the North Carolina State Bar provides aid to the state’s legal community. Each year, the NC State Bar publishes an updated version of a handbook for its members that contain all of the rules and regulations that North Carolina lawyers must abide by. The North Carolina State Bar also helps attorneys that have substance abuse problems to overcome their issues with its Lawyer Assistant Program.

In addition to providing aid to the lawyers of the state, the NC State Bar regulates the legal profession. The most significant way that the North Carolina State Bar keeps the legal community in check is through the mandatory regional bar associations that exist for each of North Carolina’s state judicial districts. Each of the judicial district bar associations is responsible for receiving complaints made against local attorneys and relaying them and the association’s recommendation to the NC State Bar, while the state bar is responsible for making a final decision with regards to any ethics violations that those lawyers may have made.

Contact the North Carolina State Bar:

217 E. Edenton Street
Raleigh, NC 27611-5908

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