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Orange County Bar Association

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Incorporated in 2010, the Orange County Bar Association (OCBA) strives to provide support to the lawyers of Orange County. The OCBA limits membership to only attorneys that work in Orange County, though members are not required to be licensed to practice law in North Carolina. By only allowing Orange County attorneys to join, the Orange County Bar Association is able to focus on helping both its members and the local legal community through achieving its goals of furthering the educational development of its members and fostering a sense of community among local professionals working in the legal field.

The OCBA constantly works to enhance the legal community of Orange County and its members’ professional lives. Attorneys that want to take an active role in improving the practice of law in Orange County are encouraged to participate in the monthly board meetings. Members interested in networking with others never miss the OCBA’s monthly lunchtime events.

Contact the Orange County Bar Association:

605 W. Main St., Suite 104
Carrboro, NC 27510

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