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Midlands Bar Association

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Established in 1982, the Midlands Bar Association (MBA) is Nebraska’s affiliate for the National Bar Association. In this regard, the MBA exists primarily for the benefit of Nebraska’s African-American attorneys. The Midlands Bar Association focuses on encouraging collegiality among its members, advancing the practice of Law in Nebraska, and furthering the civil rights of all residents in the state.

The MBA is committed to benefiting its members in several different ways. Lawyers belonging to the Midlands Bar Association enjoy a chance to socialize with other members at numerous social events hosted throughout the year by the MBA. The Midlands Bar Association ensures that its members remain informed of significant news affecting both the local legal community and the local African-American community by holding semi-monthly meetings.

In addition to assisting its members, the MBA works to provide aid to minority residents of Nebraska. The Midlands Bar Association regularly hosts events to educate the general public about issues affecting minorities such as community forums on anti-affirmative action legislation. The MBA regularly arranges opportunities for its members to volunteer at various charities, including local food kitchens.

Contact the Midlands Bar Association:

Post Office Box 456
Omaha, Nebraska 68101-0456

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