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Nebraska Defense Counsel Association

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The Nebraska Defense Counsel Association (NDCA) was formed to assist defense attorneys involved in civil litigation. The association’s primary focuses are to encourage a high standard of professionalism within civil litigation, to maintain a sense of community among its members, to foster the continual professional growth of its members, and to protect the rights of civil litigation defendants. As the Nebraska Defense Counsel Association is predominantly committed to aiding civil defense attorneys, it restricts membership to only licensed lawyers that mainly represent defendants in civil cases.

The Nebraska Defense Counsel Association improves the professional lives of its members by providing them with a number of benefits. Attorneys belonging to the Nebraska Defense Counsel Association are afforded free admission to the annual meetings of state bar associations for defense lawyers located in the Mid-Region of the DRI, where they can learn about civil litigation in neighboring jurisdictions. Members of the NDCA receive a chance to network and socialize with one another during an annual golf tournament.

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