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Nebraska Hispanic Bar Association

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Created in 2004, the Nebraska Hispanic Bar Association (NHBA) exists to benefit to the Hispanic-American attorneys of the state. The association predominantly focuses on helping Hispanic Americans advance in the legal profession, encouraging the professional development of its members, and furthering the civil rights of the local Hispanic community. Although the Nebraska Hispanic Bar Association is primarily concerned with supporting the Hispanic-American lawyers, all Nebraska attorneys are allowed to become members.

The Nebraska Hispanic Bar Association strives to assist its members through various programs, events, and services. Members of the Nebraska Hispanic Bar Association can meet and network with other ethnic minority attorneys by attending the Nebraska’s Legal Diversity Summit as a representative of NHBA. The Nebraska Hispanic Bar Association keeps its members updated on significant news items that affect both Nebraska’s legal community and Hispanic community by holding meetings on a regular basis.

Additionally, NHBA works to provide aid to the Hispanic American residents of Nebraska. Members of the Nebraska Hispanic Bar Association frequently speak to both national and state legislature bodies to promote legislation that will help the Hispanic community and to advise against legislation that may harm Nebraska residents of Hispanic descent. The Nebraska Hispanic Bar Association puts on free events to inform Hispanic families that are of mixed legality status about how to protect their family unit from deportation by obtaining a Stateside Waiver.

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Lincoln, NE 68542-1772

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