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Nebraska State Bar Association

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Created by the Nebraska Supreme Court, the Nebraska State Bar Association (NSBA) was formally established in 1937. The NSBA focuses on encouraging high standards of professionalism and integrity among its members, educating the residents of the state about the judicial system, supporting the entirety of Nebraska’s legal community, and furthering the professional improvement of its members. As the Nebraska State Bar Association is the mandatory state bar association for Nebraska, all lawyers that become licensed in the state must join the NSBA.

The Nebraska State Bar Association offers several programs to its members that are designed to make them better lawyers. Members of the NSBA seeking to learn how to become more effective leaders in their social and professional lives can enroll in the Nebraska State Bar Association Leadership Academy. The NSBA allows for its members to obtain continuing legal education credits by participating in weekly tele-seminars.

There are a variety of ways in which Nebraska State Bar Association works to keep its members connected to the state’s legal community. The NSBA strives to inform its member about important news affecting Nebraska’s legal profession by holding a series of meetings known as the Nebraska State Bar Association President’s Caravan in different parts of the state. Attorneys belonging to the NSBA can get to know other Nebraska lawyers practicing in their same field of law by joining one of the Nebraska State Bar Association’s many practice sections.

Another goal of the Nebraska State Bar Association is to be helpful to all of those living in Nebraska. For recent graduates of law school that have not become licensed yet, the NSBA offers the GAP Class, which is designed to help these individuals transition from law school to the practice of law in the real world. The Nebraska State Bar Association offers free legal assistance to low-income residents that cannot obtain such help from Legal Aid of Nebraska.

Contact the Nebraska State Bar Association:

635 S. 14th St., Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68508

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