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Omaha Bar Association

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Formed in 1889, the Omaha Bar Association (OBA) was established to benefit Omaha’s legal community. The OBA exists to encourage a high level of integrity within the local legal profession, further the administration of justice, increase the influence of itself within the local legal community, and promote the usefulness of lawyers. Membership is open to all licensed lawyers, regardless of the state in which they are licensed to practice, as well as law students in their final year of law school.

There are a number of perks that the members of the Omaha Bar Association enjoy as a result of their membership. The OBA assists its members in finding new clients by running a lawyer referral service. Lawyers belonging to the Omaha Bar Association frequently have a chance to socialize and network with one another in a social setting by attending the variety of social events that the OBA holds every year, including dinners and fun outings such as the annual Field Day.

The Omaha Bar Association also works to benefit the overall community of the city. Members of the OBA educate local schoolchildren about the judicial process by staging mock trials for them in Omaha courtrooms as part of the Omaha Bar Association’s Law Day programming. The OBA provides speakers to elementary school classes to talk about a variety of legal topics and the legal profession.

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Omaha, NE 68111-0195

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