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New Hampshire Bar Association

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The New Hampshire Bar Association (NHBA) is a state run organization responsible for ensuring New Hampshire attorneys behave competently, ethically, and responsibly. The New Hampshire Bar Association also seeks to advance the effectiveness of New Hampshire attorneys and the science of jurisprudence by providing attorneys with a forum to network, develop professionally, and engage in community outreach activities.

The New Hampshire Bar Association accomplishes their goal of achieving competence in the legal profession by administering the New Hampshire State Bar Exam, which any lawyer licensed to practice law in New Hampshire must pass. The NHBA also requires attorneys to stay current on legal issues by requiring attorneys licensed in New Hampshire to take twelve units of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) classes. The New Hampshire Bar Association is also responsible for disciplining attorneys who engage in misconduct and has the authority to disbar an attorney.

The New Hampshire Bar Association provides a great deal of support and benefits to their members. These benefits include access to the Bloomquist Hale program, which provides counseling to members and their families. Other services offered by the New Hampshire Bar Association include a mentorship program and a lawyers helping lawyers program designed to assist members deal with professional and personal issues. Other benefits include access to group health insurance plans, financial services, and malpractice insurance.

To become a member of the New Hampshire Bar you must graduate from an ABA accredited law school and pass the New Hampshire Bar Exam. You must then pay an annual due and maintain your law license by taking the appropriate amount of Continuing Legal Education Courses. All attorneys practicing law in New Hampshire must be licensed by the New Hampshire Bar Association.

Contact the New Hampshire Bar Association

2 Pillsbury Street, Suite 300
Concord, NH 03301 Phone: (603) 224-6942
Fax: (603) 224-2910 E-mail: NHBAinfo@nhbar.org

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