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Bergen County Bar Association

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Although located in New Jersey, Bergen County is generally considered to be an extension of the greater metropolitan area of New York City. As the most populous county in New Jersey, it is a significant legal market for both the New Jersey and New York.

Founded in 1898, the Bergen County Bar Association seeks to enhance professionalism in the Bergen County legal community. The Bergen County Bar Association also provides continuing legal education to its members, as well as volunteer opportunities for attorneys. Furthermore, the Bergen County Bar Association provides social gatherings for its members, allowing lawyers to interact with other members of their profession, as well as with members of local judicial and legislative bodies.

Contact the Bergen County Bar Association

George W. Newman Law Building
15 Bergen Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601
Phone: (201)-488-0032
Fax: (201)-488-0073
Email: info@bergenbar.org

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