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Cumberland County Bar Association

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According to its bylaws, the Cumberland County Bar Association (CCBA) exists for the purpose of maintaining the honor and dignity of the legal profession, the cultivation of social relationships among its members, increasing its usefulness in promoting law reforms and facilitating the due administration of justice.

To this end, the CCBA operates a lawyer referral service, allowing members of the public who are seeking lawyers to easily contact its member attorneys who have chosen to take advantage of the service.

While the CCBA does not directly provide legal services, they do have contact information on their website for South Jersey Legal Services, which does provide low-cost or free legal services to needy residents of the South Jersey area.

Contact the Cumberland County Bar Association

Cumberland County, NJ Bar Association
Lou Ann Ferrari-Brooks, Executive Director
P.O. Box 2374
Vineland, NJ 08362
Tel. 856-696-5550
Fax 856-696-5558

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