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Gloucester County Bar Association

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According to its website, the Gloucester County Bar Association (GCBA) has been serving the Gloucester County legal community for over 100 years. Gloucester County is located in Southwest New Jersey and has a population of around 250,000.

The stated purpose of the GCBA is to bring lawyers of various practice areas together to strengthen their collective knowledge and skill in their particular area of practice, and to discuss new developments as they occur, to facilitate professionalism in the legal community, and to foster a better understanding of the legal system in the community at large.

To this end, they operate a lawyer referral service, allowing members of the Gloucester County legal community to make themselves readily available to clients in one place. This also makes it easier for prospective clients to find attorneys.

The Gloucester County Bar Association also runs a non-profit foundation (the Gloucester County Bar Foundation) with the goal of fostering appreciation and understanding of the law among Gloucester County residents.

Contact the Gloucester County Bar Association

PO Box 338
Woodbury, NJ 08096
Phone: (856) 848-4071
Email: baroffice@gcbanj.org

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