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Middlesex County Bar Association

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Formally organized in 1914, the Middlesex County Bar Association strives to serve as a voice for the legal community in Middlesex County, as well as to promote ethics, collegiality, and mutual respect among members of the Middlesex County legal profession. They also encourage members of the Middlesex County Legal profession to use their knowledge and skills to benefit the public as a whole.

The Middlesex County Bar Association also has a group for young lawyers, to help these newly-licensed practitioners get a foothold in a highly competitive legal market. For members of the public, there is also a lawyer referral service.

Contact the Middlesex County Bar Association

87 Bayard Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 732-828-3433
Fax: 732-828-5862
Email: admin@mcbalaw.com

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