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State Bar of New Mexico

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Originally established in 1886 as a voluntary bar association, the State Bar of New Mexico (SBNM) was made a mandatory bar association in 1925. Since SBNM is a mandatory bar, all lawyers licensed to practice in the state must join. The State Bar of New Mexico serves the state’s whole legal community by furthering the administration of justice, encouraging better communication between New Mexico’s legal community and its residents, increasing the legal knowledge of its members, represent the professional interests of the legal community to New Mexico’s government entities, and fostering law reform when necessary.

The State Bar of New Mexico offers several educational experiences to help its members become better lawyers. New attorneys belonging to the State Bar of New Mexico can receive guidance and assistance from more experienced attorneys through the Bridge the Gap Mentorship Program. All members have an opportunity to attend a number of continuing legal education seminars within a single weekend at the annual SBNM meeting.

The State Bar of New Mexico also gives its members several online tools designed to improve their professional lives. SBNM keeps its members informed of the latest news in the state’s legal community by sending out a weekly electronic newsletter via email. Members searching for a new job can use the career services section of the State Bar of New Mexico’s website to locate employment opportunities.

In addition to aiding the legal community of New Mexico, SBMN focuses on helping the general community. For potential legal clients, the State Bar of New Mexico offers online information brochures concerning client’s rights and other issues. As part of its Law Day programming, SBNM operates call centers in the cities of Roswell, Albuquerque, Farmington, and Las Cruces; these centers allow nearby residents can call in to obtain free legal advice from members of the State Bar of New Mexico.

Contact the State Bar of New Mexico:

Albuquerque, NM 87199-2860

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