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Taos County Bar Association

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Revived in 2010 after several years of inactivity, the Taos County Bar Association (TCBA) serves the attorneys that live and work in Taos County. The predominant purposes of TCBA are to inform the public about the legal profession, promote a sense of community among its members, and advance the administration of justice. Only licensed attorneys living or working in Taos County may join the Taos County Bar Association.

Lawyers enjoy belonging to TCBA for the variety of benefits provided by the association. The Taos County Bar Association allows for its members to advertise for free in its online directory. Members of TCBA have a chance to expand their legal knowledge by attending the several speaker events that the Taos County Bar Association puts together on a regular basis.

The Taos County Bar Association also strives to aid the residents of Taos County. Each year, the TCBA offers scholarships to deserving high school students attending school in Taos County. The association also educates local residents about judicial candidates that are currently running for election by putting on candidate forums.

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