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Clark County Bar Association

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Centered in Clark County, the Clark County Bar Association (CCBA) serves the legal community of southern Nevada. Membership is open to several different types of people in the legal community of Nevada, including attorneys, government lawyers, law students, and legal administrative staff. The inclusive nature of the Clark County Bar Association extends to allowing those that do not work in the legal profession to join as merchant members, so long as they provide services and/or goods to the legal community in southern Nevada.

The Clark County Bar Association provides several benefits to improve the professional lives of its members. Throughout the year the Clark County Bar Association coordinates various educational seminars for its members on various topics ranging from marketing tips to handling DUI cases in southern Nevada courts. Members of the Clark County Bar Association are also able to further their careers by advertising their services through the Clark County Bar Association’ LawyerFinder directory and the CCBA Member Directory.

Contact the Clark County Bar Association:

P.O. Box 657
Las Vegas, NV 89125

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