Washoe County Bar Association

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Founded in 1905, the Washoe County Bar Association (WCBA) aims to improve the legal profession in Washoe County by furthering service and professionalism in the local legal community. In order to achieve that goal, the Washoe County Bar Association provides several benefits to its members that they may use to improve their professional careers, such as continuing legal education programs and the classified ads section on its website. The WCBA also strives to keep its members on top of the latest developments in local laws and the local judicial system through its two monthly newsletters.

The Washoe County Bar Association also works diligently to be helpful to the general public living in Washoe County. There are several guides for various legal topics such as elder law and identity theft that the Washoe County Bar Association publishes both online and in print for the local community. The WCBA also provides an easily searchable online directory of its member in order to help people of the local community find a lawyer to handle their current legal issues.

Contact the Washoe County Bar Association:

P.O. Box 1548
Reno NV 89505

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