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The Albany County Bar Association states that its mission is to promote professional collegiality among the bench and the bar; facilitate public service and access to justice for all; and offer programs, benefits and services to enhance the skills of its members.

Membership to the Albany County Bar Association is not mandatory for attorneys in the county, but there are many benefits and perks to becoming a member. One of these benefits is access to many Continuing Legal Education seminars. The Albany County Bar Association provides scholarships to attorneys who need them, and members can even have these seminars mailed to them on a CD.

A few members of the Albany County Bar Association are also part of the Speakers Bureau. This program is an educational service designed to help residents of Albany County understand the structure of the legal system and the effects that it can have on their lives. The lawyers that are part of the Speakers Bureau often speak at various functions and talk about a wide range of legal topics.

Contact the Albany County Bar Association

The Stedman House
1 Lodge Street, Albany, New York 12207
Tel: (518) 445-7691
Fax: (518) 445-7511

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