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Bronx Bar Association

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Officially established in 1902, the Bronx Bar Association currently has about 1,100 legal professionals enrolled in its membership. Among these members there are many judges and attorneys that all enjoy a very friendly atmosphere in the association. Indeed, the Bronx Bar Association is sometimes known as the “friendly bar association.”

The community in the Bronx can use the Bronx Bar Association for many services, such as its Lawyer Referral Service as well as its Law Day Program. The Lawyer Referral Service allows residents in the Bronx to be referred to attorneys that specialize in the area of law needed for a fee of $35. The Bronx Bar Association’s Law Day Program is designed to educate students in the Bronx about the legal system. During Law Day, an attorney member and a judge visit a local school to talk to the kids about the significance of the courts and laws.

The members of the Bronx Bar Association also receive benefits. For example, the bar association runs a number of Continuing Legal Education programs during lunch hours. These convenient classes allow lawyers who would otherwise have problems fulfilling their CLE hours do so in a location close to their offices.

Contact the Bronx Bar Association

851 Grand Concourse, Room 124, Bronx, New York 10451-2937
Tel: (718) 293-2227

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