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Broome County Bar Association

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First incorporated in 1906, the Broome County Bar Association‘s goals have not changed much in the century since it was first established. The bar association’s stated goals are to: advance the legal profession, encourage and promote reforms in the law, facilitate the administration of justice, serve the community, elevate the standards in the legal profession, and promote a sense of community within the legal profession.

This bar association has about 500 members, each of which has access to the great benefits that are provided by the Broome County Bar Association. For example, the bar association runs various Continuing Legal Education seminars throughout the year that the association members can attend. In addition, the bar association also recognizes and awards members that have shown themselves to go above and beyond the normal duties of an attorney.

The public also benefits from having the Broome County Bar Association nearby. The association runs a lawyer referral service that is often used by the public. For a fee of $35.00, the association will refer clients to attorneys in the area. The fee also entitles the client to a free 30-minute initial consultation with the referred attorney.

Contact the Broome County Bar Association

53 Chenango Street Suite 201, Binghamton, New York 13901
Tel: (607) 723-6331
Fax: (607) 724-4085

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