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Metropolitan Black Bar Association

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The Metropolitan Black Bar Association is a unified, city-wide organization made up of African-American attorneys as well as other minority lawyers. It claims that is mission is to advance the equality and excellence in the legal profession, aid the progress of minorities and Blacks attorneys, and address legal issues that are relevant to minorities and Blacks.

The members of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association are able to attend many Continuing Legal Education seminars that the bar association puts on throughout the year. In addition, mentoring is a large part of what the bar association does. Members are encouraged to attend and participate in meetings with prominent legal practitioners and scholars. Lastly, the members of the bar association are also prompted to help out in their communities as much as they can with their legal skills.

Contact the Metropolitan Black Bar Association

299 Broadway, 9th Fl., Suite 920
New York, New York 10007
Tel: (212) 964-1645

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