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Queens County Bar Association

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The Queens County Bar Association has been around for well over a hundred years. Since its founding in 1876, this bar association’s ranks has swelled to include over 2,200 members including many prominent attorneys and judges. This bar association states that its mission is to improve the relation between the bench and the bar, educate the public about the legal system, and to develop the professional competence of its members.

The Queens Volunteer Lawyers Project is a non-profit legal assistance program that is run by the Queens County Bar Association and is staffed by many of its members. This service provides free legal services to the indigent in Queens County in housing court, family court, administrative hearings, and other matters.

In addition, the Queens County Bar Association also runs various Continuing Legal Education classes to help its members meet their requirement of minimum CLE credits for each year. In addition, members of the bar association also have access to discounted web development services and rental cars.

Contact the Queens County Bar Association

90-35 148th Street, Jamaica, New York 11435
Tel: (718) 291-4500

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