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Rockland County Bar Association

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The Rockland County Bar Association is a voluntary, non-profit organization that is composed of various legal professionals in Rockland County. With over 600 members, this bar association is the sixth largest voluntary bar association outside of New York City. The bar association claims to be committed to maintaining the dignity of the legal profession, and increasing its helpfulness in promoting the development of the law.

The public has access to the Rockland County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service. Each attorney that is referred through this service is screened to be in good standing with the state bar association. For a fee of $50, a client will get the name of a local attorney as well as a free thirty minute consultation with the referred attorney.

The members of the Rockland County Bar Association receive many benefits as well. Perhaps most striking is the statistic that 5 out of every 7 attorneys in Rockland County are members of the bar association. These members get access to accrediting Continuing Legal Education seminars and classes at affordable prices. In addition, the members are also encouraged to participate in any number of the 38 active committees that the bar association organizes.

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337 North Main Street, New City, NY 10956
Tel: (845) 634-2149

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