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The Saratoga County Bar Association was founded in 1911 and currently has about 300 active members. The organization was originally formed to foster and cultivate the art of jurisprudce, promote the advancement of the legal profession, increase the standards of integrity, honor and courtesy in the profession, and encourage a sense of community among all the legal professionals in Saratoga County.

Members of the Saratoga County Bar Association have many opportunities to further their practice and expand their network of attorneys and other legal professionals. The bar association organizes several dinner meetings throughout the year and also an annual golf tournament that not only benefits the bar association, but also the community. In addition, the Saratoga Bar Association also runs a scholarship fund which offers two $1,000 scholarships to Saratoga County students that are studying the law.

Contact the Saratoga County Bar Association

P.O. Box 994
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Tel: (518) 587-5829

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