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Tompkins County Bar Association

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Founded in 1912 by a group of legal professionals who sought to promote the science of jurisprudence, the administration of justice, and to maintain the honor, and dignity of the legal profession, the Tompkins County Bar Association claims to have continued this mission in its almost 100 years of existence.

The Tompkins Bar Association provides many services to both the public as well as its attorney members. Although the bar association does not have a formal lawyer referral service set up, often times clients call into the bar association and come away with the names of a few attorneys that may be able to help. In addition, the members of the bar association are listed on the association’s website and are grouped by practice area.

Contact the Tompkins County Bar Association:

PO Box 6629
Ithaca, NY 14851-6629
Tel: (607) 533-8222
Fax: (607) 533-9218

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