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Akron Bar Association

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The Akron Bar Association (ABA) was founded in 1875 with only 50 members, but since the ABA’s humble beginnings in 1875 they have grown into an organization with over 1,400 attorney members and 500 associate members. The mission of the Akron Bar Association is to improve the administration of justice by educating members and improving access to the legal system. The Akron Bar Association also seeks to improve Akron by participating in community outreach events.

The Akron Bar Association offers multiple services for members including CLEs, seminars, and a member directory. The ABA also has numerous committees which include the street law committee and scholarship committee. The street law committee collaborates with local high schools in an effort to expose high school students to the legal profession. The scholarship committee interviews scholarship applicants in an effort to provide educational opportunities to local Akron students.

The ABA also administers the notary public exam for Akron and encourages members to take the exam. Another exciting feature offered by the ABA is the instant on-line referral service which allows individuals living in Akron to find an attorney. To become a member of this organization you must provide your contact information on their website, and then the Akron Bar Association will provide you with further information.

Contact the Akron Bar Association

57 South Broadway Akron, OH 44308
Phone: 330-253-5007

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