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Cincinnati Bar Association

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The Cincinnati Bar Association was formed in 1872, making it one of the oldest and most historic bar associations in the United States. One of the main functions of the Cincinnati Bar Association is maintaining the dignity of the legal profession, ensuring the public is served by the legal system, and ensuring justice is administered fairly. From the Cincinnati Bar Association’s beginnings with only 75 members more than one hundred years ago the Cincinnati Bar Association has grown into one of the biggest bar associations in Ohio with over 4,500 members. The Cincinnati Bar Association also has their own five story building located in downtown Cincinnati and this space has conference rooms, which attorneys can use for depositions. The Cincinnati Bar Association building also provides members with teleconferencing rooms and a member lounge that provides opportunities for members to socialize.

One of the cornerstones of the Cincinnati Bar Association is providing opportunities for lawyers to network and develop professionally. One of the main ways this organization accomplishes their professional development goals is through their active specialty committees. A few of the committees offered by this association are the young lawyers committee, law students committee, women lawyers committee, and the practice committee. All of these committees seek to further their member’s interest by meeting to discuss ways they can advance the interests of the groups they represent in Cincinnati.

The Cincinnati Bar Association also offers numerous CLE events, an attorney referral service, and provides members with a newsletter. They also have an arbitration service which attorneys can utilize. The Cincinnati Bar Association is also in charge of administering the notary public exam in Hamilton County.

Membership in the Cincinnati Bar Association is open to lawyers, law students, and other legal professionals. To become a member you must fill out a membership application and pay an annual due, which ranges from $0 for attorneys admitted for less than one year to $305 for attorneys in practice for more than ten years. There are also discounted rates for retired attorneys and other specialty groups.

Contact the Cincinnati Bar Association

The Cincinnati Bar Center
225 E. Sixth Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
(513) 381-8213

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