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Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association

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The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association (CMBA) was founded in 2008 when the Cleveland Bar Association and Cuyahoga Bar Association merged to form the CMBA. This merger resulted in the formation of the CMAF, which made it the largest voluntary legal association in Ohio with over 6,000 members and an operating budget of three million dollars. The purpose of the CMBA is ensuring the Cleveland legal community administers justice fairly, the courts are accessible to all individuals, and lawyers contribute to the Cleveland area through community service activities.

As the largest voluntary bar association in Ohio the CMBA is very active.  A few services offered are various legal committees, special events, and a lawyer referral service. A unique feature offered by the CMBA to their members is FastCase, which is a library created by lawyers to assist lawyers in both small and large firms in Ohio with legal research.

There are also numerous social and professional development events hosted by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association. A few of these events are golf outings, mock trial competitions, and CLE events. The Cleveland Bar Association also seeks to promote diversity through their minority clerkship program, which provides outstanding minority law students that finished their first year of law school clerkship opportunities in Cleveland.

Membership in the CMBA is open to lawyers, judges, paralegals, and other legal professionals. To become a member you must fill out an application and pay an annual due that ranges from $55 to $130 depending on how many years the individual has been practicing law.

Contact the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association

1301 East 9th Street, Second Level
Cleveland, OH 44114-1253
Phone: (216) 696-3525

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