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Mahoning County Bar Association

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The Mahoning County Bar Association (MCBA) is a non-profit voluntary bar organization with over 500 members that provides a forum for attorneys in Mahoning County to network and collaborate on issues facing Mahoning County. The Mahoning County Bar Association hosts CLE events, pool tournaments, and presents awards to local lawyers such as the lawyer of the year award and the distinguished service award. The MCBA also works with member attorneys to give seminars to explain the legal rights members of the public have. The Mahoning County Bar Association is also in charge of attorney discipline, and provides a lawyer referral service to the public.

Membership in the MCBA is open to licensed attorneys, but to become a member of this organization you must fill out a very detailed application and it is helpful to have interviewed for membership when you were a law student. You must also pay an annual due which ranges from $0 for newly admitted attorneys to $185.00 for members who have been in practice for more than four years.

Contact the Mahoning County Bar Association

114 E. Front St.
Suite 100
Youngstown, OH 44503

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