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Norman S. Minor Bar Association

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The Norman S. Minor Bar Association (NSMBA) is a voluntary bar association formed in 1980 that seeks to promote African American legal issues in Cleveland, Ohio. NSMBA’s mission is to promote the science of jurisprudence, maintain the integrity of the legal profession, and provide a forum to address issues facing the African American legal community in Cleveland.

The NSMBA is named after Norman S. Minor, an African American attorney who was licensed to practice law in 1927 during a racially charged time in America’s history. Mr. Minor faced a great deal of adversity during his legal career, but continued to succeed despite the racial climate. Norman S. Minor worked as a District Attorney where he prosecuted over 5,000 cases and later went on to become one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Cleveland. The NSMBA wanted to recognize Mr. Minor’s accomplishments and what he stood for so this organization was named after him.

The NSMBA is very active and provides field trips to local high school students in hopes of encouraging local African Americans to attend law school. One such trip provided select high school students the opportunity to visit the United States Attorney General’s Office and participate in a mock trial competition. Other services offered by the NSMBA are expungement clinics designed to help those who have served their time have their criminal records expunged so they can move past their mistakes and become productive members of society. NSMBA also offers pro bono services in their legal aid brief clinic to underrepresented individuals. The Norman S. Minor Bar Association also hosts fun events such as a holiday party and a summer social.

Membership in NSMBA is open to legal professionals of all racial backgrounds who support the organization’s goals. To become a member you must fill out a membership application and submit an annual due which ranges from $0 for law students to $100 for attorneys who have been in practice for more than five years.

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P.O. Box 5691

Cleveland, Ohio 44101

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