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Toledo Women’s Bar Association

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The Toledo Women’s Bar Association (TWBA) was officially formed in 1986 with Holly Taft Sydlow as their first president. The mission of the TWBA is to uphold the integrity of the legal profession, advance opportunities available to women lawyers, and provide educational opportunities that promote the success of women attorneys. The Toledo Women’s Bar Association is also well known for their collaboration with other bar associations in Ohio to achieve their goals.

The TWBA offers numerous events, activities, and professional development opportunities. A few of the things offered through the TWBA are CLEs, blood drives, mixers, and luncheons. The Toledo Bar Association also gives back to the community by offering scholarships to law students attending Toledo University Law School.

To become a member of the Toledo Women’s Bar Association you need to contact the membership committee at the information below.

Contact the Toledo Women’s Bar Association

P.O. Box 1724
Toledo, OH 43603

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