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Women Lawyers of Franklin County

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The Women Lawyers of Franklin County (WLFC) started as a small group in 1942 and has now grown to an organization with over 200 members. WLFC’s goal is to provide women attorneys in Franklin County with a forum to network and develop professionally. This organization also seeks to address concerns in Franklin County specifically impacting women lawyers and finding innovative ways to address these issues.

The Women Lawyers of Franklin County is very active and has luncheons, CLE’s, a quarterly newsletter, member directory, and a listserv. Other services offered to members of the WLFC include a mentorship program known as the Dining Circle Initiative which pairs 8-10 members together at various events so they can grow professionally and as people.

To become a member of the WLFC you should be a lawyer or law student, and support issues facing women. You must fill out a membership application and pay an annual due of $50 for practicing attorneys, but membership dues for law students is free.

Contact the Woman Lawyers of Franklin County

175 S. Third St., Suite 1100

Columbus, OH 43215.

(614) 340.2051

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