Oklahoma Association for Justice

The Oklahoma Association for Justice (OAJ) is one of the most recognized and respected bar associations in Oklahoma. The OAJ was originally formed in 1943 as the Negligence and Compensation Attorneys Association and was later changed to the Oklahoma Trial Lawyers Association. Today, it is known as the OAJ and was started by 17 plaintiffs� attorneys who had to meet in secret to discuss the plight of their clients.

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Due its rich history and constant involvement in legislation that would affect plaintiffs� rights, the Oklahoma Association for Justice has over 100 active members. The OAJ has been involved in passing some of the most progressive legislation dealing with the judicial system in the United States.

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323 N.E. 27th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: 405-525-8044
Fax: 888-288-8704
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