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Tulsa County Bar Association

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The Tulsa County Bar Association (TCBA) was formed in 1903 with just 10 members. The TCBA now has over 2,200 members and is growing every year. Members of the TCBA include attorneys, law students, judges, and other legal professionals. The organization has so many members within its organization due to its active involvement in the community and continued benefits for its members.

For members, the Tulsa County Bar Association offers over 15 different sections and over 20 committees to join. Along with these various committees and sections the TCBA also offers several networking events and continuing legal education seminars. For example, the organization holds an annual Tulsa County Bar Association Law Day event where all members are encouraged to network with other members.

Contact the Tulsa County Bar Association

1446 South Boston
Tulsa, OK 74119
Phone: 918-584-5243
Fax: 918-592-0208

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