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Oregon State Bar Association

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The Oregon State Bar Association (OSB) is the largest bar association in Oregon with over 14,000 active members. The OSB was formed in 1935 to assist in licensing, regulating, and disciplining lawyers. Almost half of all members engage in private practice and the rest work in corporate, government, and business settings. The goals of the Oregon State Bar Association include promoting diversity, accountability, excellence, fairness, and leadership in the legal profession.

In order to address the concerns of the Oregon State Bar Association’s 14,000 members the organization has large number of sections which focus on different areas of the law. For example, there are sections on administrative law, agricultural law, animal law, constitutional law, consumer law, construction law, international law, and military and veteran’s law.

Furthermore, the Oregon State Bar Association provides several networking events for its members. For example, the bar association prides itself on its annual award nominations social event and for its holiday events such as its Christmas party. Also, the OSB participates in local bar events, legislative receptions, and lunch events with the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

Contact the Oregon State Bar Association

Tigard, OR 97281
Phone: 503-620-0222
Email: info@osbar.org

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