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Butler County Bar Association

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The Butler County Bar Association has been serving the Butler County area since 1892. The goals of the Butler County Bar Association include facilitating access to legal services and fostering professional respect and excellence of the legal profession. Members enjoy many services through the Butler County Bar Association including continuing education seminars, subscription to the Butler County Legal Journal, and access to several events in which free legal services are provided to the public.

The Butler County Bar Association is respected in the Butler County area because of the commitment of its members to thousands of hours annually in free services to those who are struggling with the legal system. Furthermore, the public enjoys the lawyer referral system that was instituted in 2007 and guarantees that every lawyer within the system is bar certified.

Contact the Butler County Bar Association

201 South Main Street, Suite 101
Butler, PA 16001
Phone: 724-841-0130
Fax: 724-841-0132

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