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Chester County Bar Association

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The Chester County Bar Association (CCBA) provides services for not only the residents in Chester County but also those who practice law within the area. The American Bar Association has nationally recognized many of the programs that the CCBA provides for low-income residents. Members are encouraged to participate in low-income pro bono events with several different legal organizations.

Aside from participating in pro bono events, members are encouraged to plan events through which they can expand their knowledge and fulfill their obligation in providing efficient and skillful access to the legal system. Furthermore, the CCBA hosts one to two events a week that focus on skill sets that are needed in the practice of law including presentation skills.

Contact the Chester County Bar Association

15 West Gay Street, Second Floor
West Chester, PA 19380
Phone: 610-692-1889
Fax: 610-692-9546
Link: Contact Form for Chester County Bar Association

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