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Cumberland County Bar Association

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The Cumberland County Bar Association (CCBA) was formed in 1901 and it was officially incorporated in December 1994. In 1935, the CCBA began to assist individuals through legal aid. Currently, through monetary support, the CCBA contributes to MidPenn Legal Services in providing legal aid to low-income individuals.

The association provides several benefits for its 400 members. These benefits include, continuing legal education, membership in the lawyer referral services, and monthly networking events. During the monthly networking events members are encouraged to discuss any issues they may be facing in their practice and to receive assistance from other attorneys in addressing those concerns. This helps foster a collegial environment between members.

Contact the Cumberland County Bar Association

32 South Bedford Street
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone: 717-249-3166
Fax: 717-249-2663

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