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The Northampton County Bar Association (NCBA) provides an array of benefits for its members. Members consist of judges, lawyers, and other legal professionals. The benefits that the NCBA provides for its members include free association dinner meetings, subscription to the Northampton County Reporter, attorney referral service, participation in the Pennsylvania Bar Institute Seminar, and admittance to the Reception for the Court.

One of the most important benefits that members enjoy is the ability to provide pro bono services for the public. The NCBA holds several events in any given month and therefore, provides continuing opportunities through which the public and members can engage with one another.

In addition, one of the unique services the NCBA provides is a tour of the local courthouse. This is done to show the public the accessibility of court services for local residents.

Northampton County Bar Association

155 South Ninth Street
Easton, PA 18042
Phone: 610-258-6333
Fax: 610-258-8715

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