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Westmoreland Bar Association

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The Westmoreland Bar Association (WBA) is well respected within the Westmoreland area and maintains a strong relationship with the public. They have developed this relationship with the public through years of collaborating with other associations and holding events for the community free of cost. These events have included providing free legal advice and seminar classes to help individuals navigate the court system.

Aside from assisting the public the WBA also provides many benefits for its members. For example, the Westmoreland Bar Association has over 30 committees that hold there own events and fundraisers. These committees include the Young Lawyers Committee, the Information and Technology Committee, and the Public Service Committee.

Contact the Westmoreland Bar Association

129 N Pennsylvania Avenue
Greensburg, PA 15601
Phone: 724-834-6730
Fax: 724-834-6855
Email: westbar.org@westbar.org

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