Rhode Island Women’s Bar Association

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The Rhode Island Women’s Bar Association (RIWBA) was formed in order to provide a forum in which the female attorneys of Rhode Island could discuss issues that affect women lawyers both in Rhode Island and in the United States and to allow for these women lawyers to connect with one another. Though the focus of the RIWBA is on female lawyers, membership is open to all attorneys that are licensed to practice law in Rhode Island. Law students living or studying in Rhode Island are also encouraged to join the Rhode Island Women’s Bar Association and they are given a discounted membership fee.

There are several benefits that the RIWBA provides for its members. A significant way that the Rhode Island Women’s Bar Association helps its members is by providing new members with mentors through its mentorship program to help guide them through there first years of practicing law in Rhode Island. The RIWBA also regularly hosts speaker events that educate its members on different aspects of how to be a successful female lawyer in Rhode Island by addressing certain topics such as financial planning and being a positive female leader.

Contact the Rhode Island Women’s Bar Association:

321 South Main Street, Suite 200
Providence, RI 02903

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