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Originally called the Rhode Island Black Lawyers Association, the Thurgood Marshall Law Society (TMLS) was reorganized and renamed in 2003. The TMLS exists to promote African Americans in the legal profession, whether they are law students, attorneys, or judges. While the Thurgood Marshall Law Society primarily serves African-American attorneys in Rhode Island, membership is open to all lawyers licensed to practice law in Rhode Island, regardless of their ethnicity.

The TMLS strives to be beneficial to its members. Throughout the year, the Thurgood Marshall Law Society provides its members several opportunities to network with one another, such as the annual Diversity Dinner. Another way that the TMLS connects its members in a manner that helps to further their individual careers is through its mentorship program, which connects new members with more established mentors that are part of the Thurgood Marshall Law Society.

Contact the Thurgood Marshall Law Society:

10 Elmgrove Ave.
Providence, RI 02903

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