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Charleston County Bar Association

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In 1699, the first incarnation of the Charleston County Bar Association (CCBA) emerged as the Charles Town Bar, making the CCBA one of the oldest bar associations in the United States. Throughout the centuries and numerous name changes, the Charleston County Bar Association has remained committed to the goal of advancing the legal profession in Charleston County by helping its members to uphold high standards of ethics and competence in the practice of law. The CCBA is also dedicated to aiding the general public in a number of different ways, especially through its pro bono legal services program.

The Charleston County Bar Association supports its members in a variety of ways. Each quarter, the CCBA publishes a newsletter that not only informs its members of upcoming events and the latest community news, but also of the most recent civil and criminal verdicts in Charleston County courts. The Charleston County Bar Association also makes several standard legal forms available to its members on its website for their convenience.

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Charleston, SC 29413

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