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Lexington County Bar Association

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The Lexington County Bar Association (LCBA) was established to create a community among those working in Lexington County’s legal profession and to provide the support necessary to help further its members’ legal careers. Since the LCBA is dedicating to serving lawyers, only attorneys that are licensed to practice law in South Carolina are permitted to join. However, the Lexington County Bar Association does not limit membership to any specific region in South Carolina, meaning that all South Carolina-licensed attorneys may become members.

Lawyers usually join the LCBA for the many perks that come with the membership. On its website, the Lexington County Bar Association provides a helpful list for its members of links to several websites for various local and state judicial agencies and other important online resources. The LCBA also keeps its members involved by having several committees that they may join, including committees for alternative dispute resolution, property law, and family court.

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Lexington, SC 29071

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