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Richland County Bar Association

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Established in 1960, the Richland County Bar Association (RCBA) was created to benefit the professional lives of the lawyers working in Richland County. Although the RCBA predominantly exists to promote the legal profession in Richland County, there are no geographic restrictions on membership. The lack of restrictions on membership for the Richland County Bar Association has contributed to the RCBA being one of the largest bar associations in South Carolina with almost 2000 members.

The Richland County Bar Association provides a lot of help to the general community of the county. Throughout the year, the RCBA raises funds for its “Buildable Hours” Habitat for Humanity project, which funds housing projects in the central part of South Carolina. Members of the RCBA are also given the opportunity use their legal skills to help out those in need by participating at Richland County Bar Association’s Project HELP pro bono legal aid clinic.

Aside from aiding the general public, the RCBA also works hard to further the professional lives of its members. Attorneys that are active members of the Richland County Bar Association regularly network and socialize with one another at the various social events that the RCBA sponsors each year, including the judicial barbecue and the family day at the zoo. The Richland County Bar Association also works to improve its members professionally by providing them with free continuing legal education classes.

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Columbia, SC 29202

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