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South Carolina Bar

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In 1884, the South Carolina Bar (SCB) was established as the South Carolina Bar Association. At the time, the South Carolina Bar Association was a voluntary organization. However, when the organization became the South Carolina Bar in 1975, membership became mandatory for all lawyers that become licensed to practice law in the state.

The South Carolina Bar strives to further the legal profession by enhancing the careers of its members in a number of different ways. Each year, the SCB hosts a convention for its members, at which members have the opportunity to network with one another at the various dinners and other social events. Another way that the South Carolina Bar helps its members is by putting together continuing legal education courses for them on a variety of topics that address different areas of law.

In addition to supporting the attorneys working in South Carolina, the SCB benefits the general public. The South Carolina Bar operates a number of free legal clinics for local residents living in various parts of South Carolina that are able to get free legal advice in different areas of the law such as worker’s compensation, adoption, and personal injury. Another way that the SCB educates the general public about the law is through its “Legal Lessons” course, which allows South Carolina residents to learn the basic facts about a number of different legal areas.

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950 Taylor Street
Columbia, SC 29201

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