Jackson-Madison County Bar Association

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The Jackson-Madison County Bar Association (JMCBA) has been providing support to the legal community of the city of Jackson and Madison County for over 100 years. Although the JMCBA is primarily active in Madison County and the city of Jackson, attorneys living in nearby counties that do not have bar associations are permitted to join as members, even if they do not work in Jackson or Madison County. Therefore, there are several members that live in other counties, including Haywood, Carroll, Madison, Hardeman, Crockett, and Gibson counties.

Lawyers that are members of the JMCBA enjoy numerous benefits. They arrange several educational opportunities for members throughout the year, including continuing legal education classes and lunchtime speaker events. Members also enjoy networking at the various social events hosted by the JMCBA each year, such as the annual picnic and golf tournament.

There is also a lot of helpful information for the general public that the Jackson-Madison County Bar Association makes available on its website. For local residents that have general questions about the law, the JMCBA provides answers to frequently asked questions on a variety of legal topics, including criminal law and debtor/creditor rights. Additionally, the Jackson-Madison County Bar Association also has a list of tips on how to act in court and how to act with a lawyer.

Contact the Jackson-Madison County Bar Association:

Jackson, TN 38302-1902

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