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Memphis Bar Association

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Formed in 1874, the Memphis Bar Association (MBA) exists to promote the accurate administration of justice, provide assistance to both the legal community and the general public of Memphis, and foster a sense of camaraderie amongst its members. Since a large part of the MBA’s focus is on helping people living in Memphis, there are several ways that its members provide free legal aid to those in need, such as the Veterans’ Legal Clinic and the Legal Lines call-in television program. The Memphis Bar Association also benefits the general public by providing financial aid through its Memphis Bar Foundation to various non-profit groups that are dedicated to promoting the legal profession in the local community.

The MBA also provides a lot of support to its members. Attorney members looking for a new job or a new employee frequently use the MBA’s online employment classifieds, which members are given free access to. Additionally, the Memphis Bar Association furthers its member careers by increasing their knowledge of the law through providing continuing legal education courses and informative workshops on a variety of topics, including human trafficking and e-filing court documents.

Contact the Memphis Bar Association:

80 Monroe Ave, Ste 220
Memphis, TN 38103

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