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Montgomery County Bar Association

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The Montgomery County Bar Association (MCBA) supports the lawyers that live and work in the area in and around the city of Clarksville and Montgomery County. The MCBA was incorporated in 1965, and it has since grown to over 200 members. In addition to serving Montgomery County’s legal community, the Montgomery County Bar Association also frequently gives back to the general population through a number of different ways, including giving scholarships to local law students.

Lawyers regularly join the MCBA in order to take advantage of the many opportunities it provides for professional growth. Members often do pro bono work by volunteering at legal clinics such as the Wills for Heroes legal clinic. The MCBA also gives its members several chances to network with one another at various social events, including the annual Golf Scramble and the annual Founders’ Day Dinner.

Contact the Montgomery County Bar Association:

2 Millennium Plaza, Suite 101 Clarksville, TN 37040

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