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Originally established in 1933 as the James C. Napier Lawyers Association, the Napier-Looby Bar Association (NLBA) serves as the Nashville regional chapter of the National Bar Association. The main goals of the NLBA are to provide aid to the local African-American community in Nashville, support its members’ professional endeavors, educate the general public and its members about relevant legal issues, and further the administration of justice. In order to better serve the ethnic minorities working in the legal community of Nashville, the Napier-Looby Bar Association allows for all people involved in the legal profession to join, including law students, attorneys, paralegals, and judges.

Membership to the NLBA comes with several perks. Attorneys that belong have the opportunity to hear a number of well-known leaders in the legal profession speak at the NLBA’s annual banquet. Also, the Napier-Looby Bar Association regularly arranges events where its members can give back to the community, such as an annual service day and Ask the Lawyer Live speaker events.

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